Taking it Easy: New Orleans Day 2

Taking it Easy: New Orleans Day 2

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After a successful day one, it was time to make day two even better. After sleeping in, we finally got up and around and decided to get some lunch. 

So we made our way down to Felix's for some oysters.

The line was long, but we had it covered. Grabbed a couple of drinks to cheers to the day. 

Cheers! I'm really loving this city!

Everything on the menu looked delicious. It was hard not to want to pick one of each.

We started with a dozen oysters on the had shell, then decided to get a half dozen that were char grilled. 

The oyster, the bread, the butter... It was all delicious. I'd go on some more but I would just make you hungry. 

Because the first 18 oysters didn't satisfy me, I ordered six more with a salad and side of jambalaya. 

After lunch we strolled around where we found the Pardi Gras mini-concert. It was actually really fun.

Then. This happened.

The hand grenade. 

One is all you need. 

 Hand grenades in hand, we strolled around Jackson Square until we found a Davie Bowie parade.

Yesterday was full of surprises. 

It was about to storm, so we went back to the hotel early. 

On to day 3!

Catch up here: 

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