Why My Dog Likes to #DineWithCesar

Why My Dog Likes to #DineWithCesar

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This is Lucy. My 9-year-old Maltese dog that always looks like a puppy. She's a bit of a diva ... she likes really soft blankets, she believes she is the protector of the house, she loves to sit on laps and be petted ... and she's VERY picky about her food and treats.


Let's just say that this dog has the life. 

Lucy lived with me for five years until I started graduate school. With working full-time, going to graduate school, and everything in between, it was just too much to have a dog. She temporarily moved in with my parents for a couple of years until life slowed down a bit. During this time, my mom started to feed Lucy CESAR®'s wet dog food. When she moved back in with me, my mom made sure that I kept up with feeding her the wet food as well.

Lucy LOVES the different flavors of the CESAR® wet dog food and it's so handy to buy at Wal-Mart in the CESAR®  Pate Mixed Variety Pack. Mealtime is as important for Lucy as it is for me. She knows when it's time to eat at night and she is not going to settle for anything less than delicious food. 

We all know that our pets are part of our families, so it's just as important that we feed them with healthy, comfort foods as we do ourselves. 

CESAR® lets you feed your dog like family, but keep them healthy at the same time. 


It wasn't until recently that I knew that CESAR® had dry food with Meat-First Recipes that you can buy at Wal-Mart. Lucy is currently loving the CESAR® Dry Filet Mignon with spring vegetables flavor. The first time she tried it she LOVED it.

You would have thought I was going to take the bowl of dog food from her as quickly as she ate it!

How do you get your dog to be part of the meal time with family? You let them choose which meal they want! 

How to Make Your Dog Take Part in Family Mealtime: 

  1. Set out different selections of CESAR® wet dog food 
  2. Let your dog sniff each one 
  3. Once they sniff them all and look at you, pick the one they sniffed last 
  4. Bon appetit! 

On days that I feed Lucy the wet food for a healthy dog meal, I use the dry dog food as a treat. This is a great way to show a little love with to your pet. 

Lucy may be my little diva dog, but she has good taste when it comes to her food. She may not know how easy it is to pick up at Wal-Mart, but I appreciate that her tastes are really convenient for my weekly shopping trips!

Learn more about why your dog should #DineWithCesar and #TreatWithCesar!

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  1. Aw what a cute pup! Unfortunately my dog has such a sensitive stomach so changing her dog food would result in a lot of discomfort for her!

  2. What a cute pup! My pup loves the Purina Smart Blend food!

  3. I love that you're feeding Lucy out of fine china. She's got great taste.

  4. Lucy looks like the Cesar dog too! haha so adorable.

  5. omg what a precious puppy!! one of these days I'm gonna get my own, just need to stop moving around every couple of months haha x

  6. Aw your pup is so sweet! I don't have a pet, maybe one day!

  7. Awe this is so sweet! I love this

  8. haha so cute! it really makes me miss my dog!

  9. Omggg. So cute! We've never tried this brand with our dog. We'll have to give it a shot!
    Katie | www.millennialonthemove.com

  10. You have such a cute pup! I don't have a dog of my own but this looks like a great brand!

  11. omg your dog is so freaking cute! and 9 years old?!

  12. What a cutie! I love puppies, we're hoping to get one after we get married!


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