Arkansas Derby Day 2017

Arkansas Derby Day 2017

Happy Monday! After such a weird week last week, it was so nice to have a great weekend! Friday afternoon I called another landscape guy who gave me a quote of $125! VERY different from last week's quote! Friday night was an easy night with takeout and just hanging out and watching TV. 

Saturday was the big Arkansas Derby Day! You guys know how much I love a good derby day... 

Rich and I rode to Hot Springs with our friends Susie and Buckley. Of course, girls sat in the back while the guys sat in the front and discussed really important things. *Eye roll* 

While we were on our way to Hot Springs, Susie and I were taking selfies to our friend Maggie who is in France right now. Major jealousy. 

Unlike last year where the weather was COLD, this year had perfect weather for the derby! 

As soon as we got to Oaklawn Racing we headed to the infield. It's fun to watch the horses run, there are so many people dressed up in all sorts of outfits, and it is just a great environment. 

Because it was a beautiful spring day, we clearly wore our best spring colors and flowers. 

Seriously, it was such a beautiful day to watch the ponies run! 

After a few hours outside, it was time to head inside where we could sit down and watch the Derby race.

Now, for a different view of the ponies! Every year that I watch the Derby race inside I always win! 

This year was no different! The two top horses were no point to bet on because there was nothing to win from them since the odds were so high. 

I bet on horse 11 because I felt confident that there could be an upset. I was *partly* right because 11 came in second place and I had bet on him across the board! My $6 bet turned into $20 so I made $14. That's enough for a Chipotle salad with guacamole! 

After the Derby race, we left and headed back to Little Rock. I was ready to get back and head to dinner because everything in Hot Springs was going to be packed. 

On Easter Sunday I met my parents for lunch. Sunday afternoon Rich and I headed to Home Depot (cue his excitement!!) to pick up some necessities for the house. I also bought some flowers to plant in front of the yard and some basil and lavender for the patio. I'm basically a master gardener now.

Everything will get there in time! 

What did YOU do this weekend???
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  1. Derby Days is on my bucket list! What an awesome way to spend Easter weekend!!

    XO /

  2. That dress is gorgeous! Love seeing that you got some yard work in over the weekend! It's so fun to plant flowers and get everything all set for spring/summer.

  3. Y'all look awesome!! I've always wanted to go to a real derby! But always have settled for just fun themed derby days haha

  4. You look amazing for the derby! Your dress is too fun!

  5. Your dress is so pretty! I've always wanted to attend the Derby. We're hoping to make it next yr.

  6. I've always wanted to go to a derby! Looks so fun!
    Amy | Pastel N Pink

  7. Sounds like a great weekend, and that's a much better price for the lawn work!

  8. Omg how fun! You look absolutely gorgeous in your dress!

  9. Derby Day looks like so much fun! We have Steeplechase in a few weeks and I'm excited for the races!

    Greta |

  10. Sounds like such a fun time! And I love your dress! And thanks for the reminder about yard work - I need to get on that soon haha.

  11. I've never been to a real derby but it looks like so much fun! I think shopping and dressing up for the event would be something I'd really enjoy!


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