Vive La France: Traveling in Paris Day 3

Vive La France: Traveling in Paris Day 3

We're on to day three in Paris! If you're not caught up, check out day one here and day two here. 

After a full day of the Catacombs, the cooking class and walking around 20,000 steps, I was ready for a 'relaxing' third day. And it would have been pretty easy if I didn't wake up with a fire in my belly to go buy a copper pot from the same store that Julia Child bought her copper pots. 

I got up early, got dressed and was about to go by myself when Rich decided to go with me. If you know me, when I am ready to go somewhere then I am ready to go RIGHT THEN. E. Dehillerin has been around for 200 hundred years, and that's how long it felt it took us to get there. 

After I was super antsy, we finally made it! This store was incredible, it's like the original Ikea. Everything they have is out on the shelf to look at, but if you want to know a price, you have to go look it up in a book. The store can be a bit of a workout though going from item to book from item to book. It's not like it stopped me at all from shopping, just slowed me down every so slightly. 

As someone who loves to cook, it was fun to be in such an iconic culinary shop. So, of course, I had to buy something or a lot of the things. All the things. I *wanted* to buy all the things. I did contain myself since I had to carry whatever I bought back to the states with me. 

That didn't stop me from buying the most beautiful copper pot I've ever seen. I had to buy one that 1) was a decent size to use 2) wasn't going to totally kill my budget. I think it was around $170 in the end, but it's heavy, it's nice, and as long as I take care of it then it will last a long time. 

Also, it's my money and I will spend it on the things that please me... like copper pots. 

After I left the store (Rich was across the street at a coffee shop), we headed to meet up with our friends for lunch... then we were headed to the Arc de Triomphe!

Travel tip: When we went to the Catacombs on our second day, we bought passes that let us in the Catacombs ahead of the line and then also gave us access to the Arc de Triomphe. If we hadn't bought these tickets, we would have been in line for the Catacombs for around two hours. So we got these tickets from Headout.  They were WORTH it! And, if you want, you can use my code MAEGAIQ on Headout and save $10!

To be honest, I wasn't really sure about the Arc de Triomphe... like I knew we were supposed to go there to do the touristy thing, but I wasn't 100% sold on it. I went along because it everyone else seemed excited about it so maybe I was missing something. Everyone was right, and I was wrong because it was really cool! 

There are just miles and miles of pretty views and to see how Paris is laid out around the Arc de Triomphe is really cool. I will say, it felt like we had to walk up about 300 steps to get to the top. My legs were BURNING. I was so tired that I had to give Rich my copper pot to carry, and Marcus my purse because I was feeling like I was about to pass out. 

Also, it didn't help that I was just overall tired from the trip at that point from not having the best sleep. It was SO WORTH the almost pass out moment! 

We hung out at the top for a bit, I really think they are missing an opportunity to sell water because I could have drunk a gallon of it after getting to the top. 

After we hung out, Rich and I were going to go back to our Airbnb to drop off my copper pot that felt like it weighed about 100 pounds, but we didn't have time because... we had to go on a champagne tour of the Seine River! 

This. Was. Me. Living. My. Best. LIFE.

Rich didn't even think he liked champagne that much, but, not to my surprise, that really seems to change during this excursion. 

Just a casual Thursday drinking champagne on the Seine River... 

Clearly, I had to take this photo even if it's the most basic photo to take. 

Look at this fun, loving group having the best time ever. If you notice, the sky was a bit dark while we were visiting the Arc de Triomphe but as soon as we sat foot on the boat, the sky cleared up and we had beautiful weather! 

All of my favorite things in one photo! This is one of my favorite moments on the trip! 

We tried three different champagnes on the tour, but I only took photos of two... I do not know why I forgot the third? Maybe because I didn't like it? These two were BOTH delicious. As someone who loves champagne, I loved learning all of the fun things about it. We went over how it was made, the types of grapes, the region of France, lots of fun details. 

They even made these cheesy photos for us when we got on the boat, none of us bought one, but I had to take a photo of one because the heart is coming out of Rich's head. He told me that he hates when people say, 'My heart is so full!' on social media and I think this is his karma. A FULL HEART on top of his head! 

AS SOON as we got off the boat (it was so sad to leave) the sky became dark and as soon as we stepped into the Uber it began to rain. The weather luck was on our side! 

Researching restaurants is one of my favorite things to do when in a new city, I will spend two hours just to find the perfect restaurant. After our champagne tour, I had found this place called, "Le Centre du Monde." It really felt like the right place because it had a great fixed menu with all of the French food that I had been wanting to have while in Paris... 

For starters, I had the French onion soup that I basically had to pick up the bowl to get every last drop. I LOVE soup, and this was perfect on a rainy night in Paris. It was also so, so good. French onion is one of my favorites and this made me really want to come home and make it more often. 

Secondly, it was time for the beef bourguignon! Now, chunks of meat do not photo well in dim light, and I understand that this photo is a little disgusting looking, but it was also DELICIOUS. I've never made it before, but I would like to make the Julia Child version. 

(A bit Julia Child obsessed right now.) 

Dessert was a chocolate mousse. I bet you can guess how it tasted... DELICIOUS. 

Though I am not that great at making desserts, I certainly should practice. Also, because we walked over 10,000 steps every day, sometimes closer to 15,000 or 20,000, I did not gain one pound this entire trip. 

After dinner, we were going to go to a fun bar, but once we got there it was so hot that we couldn't stay. We headed back to our Airbnb and hung out on the rooftop and watched the Eiffel Tower sparkle. Even walking around how beautiful views day and night. 

Friday morning Rich and I got up to go find a post office to send my mom a postcard. Of course, we had to start out getting Rich an espresso first because he became a bit addicted. Then we walked around cluelessly until I found a postcard and then a post office. It was not an easy task. My mom may never get another postcard again from me after that debacle. After that, we went back to the Airbnb, grabbed our bags and were headed to the train station so we could hop on a train to head to Nice! 

Next up, our adventures in Nice and Monaco! 
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  1. This looks like such a fun trip! Paris has never been high on my list of places to see (I feel like I'm def in the minority there), but it's definitely starting to creep up after seeing posts like these!

  2. So jealous! I want to go to Paris so badly. This trip looks so fun! And that copper pot is totally worth it.

  3. OK first of all, it looks like you're having such a blast! Second of all, how cool is it that you bought copper pots from the same store as Julia Child?! I'm jealous!

  4. It looks like your second day was so much fun! I remember visiting and being exhausted because everything was so much further away than it seemed. We didn't buy our catacomb tickets ahead of time and instead woke up early to be the first in line so we didn't end up waiting long. So cool about your copper pan and delicious food!

  5. I took a river tour when I was in Paris and I loved it! Glad you had a great day!

  6. OK I love following along with this! I don't blame you at all for getting a Julia Child copper pot. One day if I'm ever in Paris I'll have to search that place out! And I'm just like you - when I'm ready to go I'm ready to go NOW.

  7. These photos make me want to book a trip to Paris right now!!

  8. You look like you're having so much fun! I want to go to Paris so much!

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    XO, Chelsea

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  11. I think the copper pot is a great investment for your kitchen and you'll always remember getting it in Paris! Your trip looks so lovely and it's making me crave chocolate mouse (:

  12. Paris always looks like SO much fun! I loveloveloved all your photos!

  13. This looks like such a fun trip! I didn't get to go to the Catacombs when I was in Paris, but I'm definitely going next year!

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  15. This looks like such a fun trip! I want to go to Paris so badly!

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  17. This looks like a great place to visit. I really like Paris and I will absolutely add this to my bucket list.

  18. What a tiring but fun trip! Is it bad that I'm envious of that copper pot, and how many amazing places it's been to? Haha!

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    xoxo, Paige

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    xo //


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