Life As I Know It...Lately

Life As I Know It...Lately

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Ever think to yourself that life is slow and something exciting needs to happen?

Don't. Because as soon as you speak those words out loud the universe will hear you, laugh and hand you all the excitement you can handle.

What did the universe hand me? Oh just trying to fit into a bridesmaid dress by working out like crazy and dieting, helping host a bridal shower, taking the GRE for grad school, filling out all of the grad school paper work and then working my full time job.

Sometimes all of that extra work can make some people, cranky? I said some people.

Though you know when you are thrilled to go to work in the morning rather than have to do all of the 'other' things, it's time for a nap. Or a vacation. Or a cheeseburger. 

It all started with this dress. This dress that should have been ordered a size up. However, I ordered it in my usual size. Apparently they decided to make the dress smaller than stated. I feel tricked.

The dress lead to this. Kickboxing and bootcamp. Working out four days a week to make sure that the dress pictured above, looked like a dress, not a sausage wrap.

In the middle of all of that, I decided to add this; studying for the GRE. So, I could possibly return to school part time in the fall to start working on my masters.

Which if I can get into grad school and graduate, I will request everyone call me master.

All of that lead to me having to drink one of these this week. I just couldn't hold out any longer. 

You'll have that.
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1 comment

  1. Life does happen. In the last few weeks I've had this happen:
    1. Living room electricity won't come on.
    2. Lawn mower won't start.
    3. Parents house flooded over Easter.
    4. Father fell down outside on the slick grass during a storm.
    5. Downpour-storm during an outdoor funderal.

    That all led me to forget dieting, forget working out -- coffee and chocolate. Hence why I wear sweatpants and hoodies as much as possible.


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