Something Like That

Something Like That

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Whenever I have to decide between two evils, 
I always choose the one I haven't tried before. -Mae West

 1. I visited my parents this weekend. Dad cooks. Mom makes my bed. Dad washes my car. Mom pays for me to get may hur did. Dad gives me a lecture on something. Mom works on my homework. Dad takes my dog out. Mom gives me lunch money. Why did I leave home again?

2. My dad cooked steaks this weekend on the grill. This is what they looked like before they went on the grill. Getcha some of that...heart attack.

3. I watched the Bachelorette last night. Before I would never admit to watching them but this season I am watching proudly. Not because I like the guys or her for that matter, just because I can make various games out of the show. 

4. My new supper at night is cocoa-puffs or spaghettios. Apparently I've forgotten how to cook and turned 8-years old again. In the past two months I've used one burner and the oven. 
        Burner:  Make tea. Steam veggies. Heat up soup. 
        Oven: Bake chicken nuggets. Bake chicken. Pizza. 

I need a reason to cook. This is getting sad. My pots and pans are crying out for attention. Where does all the time go?

4. I am SO EXCITED that in 16 days I will be in Nashville with my favorite people from Atlanta. I have the tickets. I have the boots. I have the daisy dukes. I'm ready.

5. This brings me to a conversation I had Sunday night at the grocery store with the clerk. 

Grocery store guy: There is nothing 'sexier' than a woman who can cook and wears stilettos while she does. 
Me: Oh...okay. Well, I'm wearing boots...
GSG: Yeah...I one is perfect. 

I'm not sure how to take that. 

6. I might have a slight obsession with this extreme coupon show. Slight. To the point that when I went to the grocery store the other night I took coupons that I had taken from my parents Sunday paper and saved $16. I bought laundry detergent for $2. I'm not sure if I should be proud of this or worried about myself. 

7. Summa-time is coming and my allergies are in full force. If I am acting tired or less talkative, it's because allergies drain my energy. Silly allergies. 

8. In 11 days I'll be turning 25. I considered having a mid-life-20's crisis but I realized that I've already had three of those in the past five years. I'm not sure if I am allowed to have another one. Thoughts?

9. I'm craving chicken-n-dumplings. I haven't made those since a snow day back in February. I'm considering going to buy a chicken after work and whipping them up. 

10. I'll probably just end up eating cocoa-puffs for supper again though.
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