Busier Than Ever

Busier Than Ever

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Every time I have a free moment lately I say to myself, "It's okay you're not doing anything, enjoy just having a free moment...it won't last long." And you know what? I'm right. It doesn't last, before you know it life starts again and I'm spinning around asking where the day went. 

The best part about being busy? I love to be busy. The busier I am, the better in my book. The more I have to do, go and see, the happier I am. I don't do well doing nothing, I do well being busy. 

It also seems to be that when I am busy, I want to add more things to do. I can't help this. Even though I can't commit to anything, I love to fly by the seat of my pants and believe life is about being spontaneous but I have a thing for routines. Makes perfect sense right? 

Since Saturday night I have...gone on a double date...watched the women's world soccer cup with friends...started running for Little Rock's half marathon NEXT March...worked on getting information about my classes for grad school in a mont...worked like the crazy the past two days...eaten supper with my mother...and sat down to think, what can I do next? 

So...the running for the half marathon next March...yes I am starting early, but I'm not a runner per-say. I can jog, but I want to be consistent. I've learned that I need a goal, I need something to keep me going and pushing me out of my comfort zone. Why run? With all of the stresses of life, running is starting to clear my head and makes me feel better and sleep better. I've done this before, but I really want to keep it up. I've just got to figure out how I'm going to balance working a full-time job, going to grad school part-time and keep up the running. 
Can I do this? Yes. Will I finish this? That's the question. I hope so. I'm going to need running tips though...
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