Not In The Mood For This Today

Not In The Mood For This Today

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My mom gave me a watermelon this weekend to bring back with me. Last night, I cut it in half, put one half back in the fridge and then took the next 20 min cutting the other half into squares and picking out the seeds. I'm pretty picky when it comes to how I like eating my watermelon. 

 After eating four bowls of watermelon last night before bed I made myself stop so I wouldn't be up all night. The first thing I thought of this morning when I woke up was, I can't wait for more watermelon. 

I'm not sure where I am getting this obsession with watermelon right now. In my haste this morning trying to find pants and shoes and take my dog out, I grabbed some tupperware, tossed in some of the cut watermelon and headed out the door. 

Once I got to work I thought about watermelon again before I went to put it in the fridge at work...that's when I saw it. That's when I saw which lid I had picked out for my tupperware. 

Yes I had picked out the Tupperware which said 'love you.'  Why does my Tupperware love me so? Well this so happens to be the lid that I use to give to my ex of 7-8 years (homeboy needs a nickname) when he would take food that I cooked to work. 

I just hope no one sees this and ask why I'm telling myself why I love myself today.

Happy Monday...
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