Small Town Weekend

Small Town Weekend

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This weekend I took Friday off (my metal health day) and went to my hometown. There is something simple about my hometown. Traffic is considered 10 cars. We have about five red lights (not kidding) and it takes about 5 min to get from one end to town to the other, if you at least hit one red light. 

Friday I went to eat lunch with my mom. Took a nap. Helped cook supper. Watched a movie. Went to bed. 
I have no complaints about that. I tried to sit outside for a while but since there are mosquitoas, it was impossible.

Since I'm now getting old, I can't sleep in to noon like I use to. However, when I go home, I make myself sleep. I feel like it's my duty to myself. Saturday morning I slept until 8:30 a.m. and got up for breakfast. My mom decided that we needed to go to the farmers market. This farmers market is nothing like the one I go to in Little Rock. There are like four or five stands and the pickens are slim. I wish I had taken a picture but I was too caught up in the fact that there were only four stands. Or five. I'm not sure if the soap lady counts.We did however get a bushel of peas. My dog found this interesting to say the least...

 My mom and I each took half a bushel and started shelling...

 A big pea vs. a lil pea.

After two hours I had my two bushels of peas shelled.

After all the pea shelling it made sense to go out to eat. We went for Chinese. Out of all the Chinese places I've ever eaten in my life, this one has always been my favorite.  It sounds good right now.

 After going to eat Chinese, we drove around and we drove by my old high school. Funny how things don't change. Funny how they do.
Then we drove by the high school football field. This is where I spent many a nights as a kid. For some reason it makes me want to put on a Greyhound shirt.

Saturday night I watched the Cardinals game with my dad. Then somehow got started watching My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. It's not a show I suggest anyone watching. It's disturbing to say the least. 

Today I slept in until 11ish. Ate lunch. Ran two miles. Showered. Ate soup. Played around. Packed up. Headed back to the city. 

I should have taken Monday off too...
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