Thankful Thursday: My Cousins

Thankful Thursday: My Cousins

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I'm about to drive myself crazy lately with life. It's not really life. It's me. I'm over thinking, over analyzing and over worrying. 

I need to do this for work. And that. And this. Oh, and I can't forget that. 

I'm really driving myself crazy with grad school. 

There is a lot more - but basically, I'm on my nerves. 

Luckily, I have good people in my family that keep me grounded and make me feel better. 

As an only child (shocking, right?) there may not be brothers or sisters...but being part of a large family, I have LOTS of cousins who might as well be sisters. 

In 2011, Shannon found me a place to live. Helped me move in. Helped me not go crazy. Fed me. Supported me. Listen to me when I cried. Sat outside and drank wine with me. And become one of the best peeps in my life.I owe my sanity that I've kept these past two years to Shannon. No matter what has happened, she's always been there supporting decisions I've made. And when I made the unwise ones, she was still there. Shannon has been the big sister that I've never had and for that I'll always be thankful. She's done so much for me whether it was taking out my dog while I was on a date or bringing over Tylenol when I had a headache. My life really is better with her in it.

Sarah and Shannon are sisters. I like to call myself the bonus sister. Whether they like it or not. Since 2007 Sarah has had my back. We've been through breakups, makeups and everything in between. We talk about jobs, politics, shopping, makeup, ending world hunger (heated topic) and so much more. Sarah pushes me to be better and smarter all the time. If there is ever anything I think I can't handle or don't know what to do, she always has a logical response. If you know me, you know logic sometimes goes out the door. I will always appreciate her for always having my back and will always have hers. I don't know what I would do without her support or friendship and luckily, I'll never have to find out.

For as long as I can remember I've looked up to Britney. I'll never forget being little and thinking she was the coolest. She had a car. She had a boyfriend. She had a job. I idolized how cool she was. When I went to college I would go to her house to eat because I was just learning to cook and there is only so much cereal one can eat. Ever since then she's been like a sister to me. She's taken care of me and taught me that life happens but it always turns out the way it was supposed to be. You just have to have patience. I owe Britney a lot. Though I don't get to see or talk to her as much as I use to, I am sincerely thankful for everything she's ever done for me. I'm not sure if I will ever be able to re-pay her, but no matter what, I'll always be there when she calls.

So I may not technically have sisters...but if you asked me, I would say I have three. Three of the best people you could ever expect in your life. I'm so thankful for those three in my life and couldn't imagine where I'd be in life without them. 

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