Hi October...Please play nice this year.

Hi October...Please play nice this year.

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Though winds of change are blowing wild and free. You ain't seen nothing like me yet.
- Adele 

1.  It's October.

Yes, that might be Captain Obvious to most, but every October, I become very quiet. I don't talk much, I am very careful with everything that I do. All of my senses are extremely heightened. Why? Because for the past four years, bad stuff has happened in October. Break-ups. Break-ins. Weird car stuff. Weird job stuff. So this October I'm going to be very careful to what's going on... However, if October comes after me, I'll just pimp slap it back down. But I'm still going to watch out for it.

2. Witch Doctor

So, I wrote about the witch doctor and all and I can report back and say that all of his 'remedies' are still working. Maybe he can give me a potion for surviving October.

3. I don't like it when they decorate my Dr. Pepper bottle.

Nothing is wrong with the classic. Don't put games and such on there.
1. I don't play anything called, 'fight night.'
2. Make it girlier.
3. Is girlier a word?
4. It should be.

4. I had someone tell me today, 'Don't hide your light just because others are afraid of how bright your light will burn."

Sometimes you need someone to tell you that you're doing a good job and that they think you're awesome. I like that. I think I need to pass that on to someone else.

To all ten of you reading, I think you're awesome!

5. I have class tonight.

If someone wants to go with me tonight, I'll pay you, cook you a meal, or wash your car. You name it.
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  1. From the ten of us who read your blog, we think you are pretty awesome, also!


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