When Things Go Totally Wrong

When Things Go Totally Wrong

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So, baking is enjoyable to me. It's relaxing. It's fun. It's a hobby.

On Tuesday, it was a nightmare.

(The after, after.)

I decided at 5 p.m. on Tuesday that I'd bake some cupcakes for work on Wednesday. These were going to be homemade red velvet cupcakes so I went home to make a list of things I would need. I had sugar, but no cake flour. I had crisco, but no powdered sugar for the frosting.

After the list had been created, I headed off to the grocery store. Gathered all the items. Checked out. Came home and started the baking. I had done everything when the recipe said to 'add food coloring to the cocoa powder.' Um... I hadn't bought red food coloring. The food coloring I had wasn't enough, and I didn't want to serve pink cupcakes. Or blue ones. Or green.

Why don't they sell larger bottles of red food coloring??

So, I turned off the pre-heated oven. Threw the mix in the fridge and made a trip back to the grocery store. Grabbed the red food coloring and then headed back home to continue the baking. The batter tasted well enough, so into the oven the cupcakes went. After spilling some of the red food coloring on my white counters. While the cupcakes were baking, I made the homemade cream cheese icing.

Butter. Cream cheese. Powdered sugar.

Luckily the recipe called for a pound and a half of powdered sugar and I had bought a two pound bag.

The other half of a pound also ended up on the counter. On the floor. And on me.

Perfect. Now my counters look like I've murdered someone with red food coloring then decorated myself in powdered sugar.

The icing was done, the cupcakes were ready to be taken out of the oven, and the kitchen was a mess. When you use a butter, cream cheese icing, then you have to make sure your cupcakes are completely cool before icing. (This might be the only thing I did right all night.)

Once the cupcakes had cooled, I broke the smallest one in half to make sure it was red and see how it tasted. That's when I started to panic. It didn't taste right. It tasted chalky. Too much flour? Too much vinegar? Did I measure wrong? Did waiting on the food coloring mess it up? What had I done??

There was no way that those cupcakes were going to see the inside of my office. No way. After a 20 minute freak out moment to which I called my mom, cousin, friend and texted everyone about what I should do, I came to a conclusion. Toss 'em.

Luckily, there was a box mix in my pantry that I could make quickly and make all of this go away. Though it wasn't red velvet, it was chocolate. It would do. It would have to do. It was 10 at night and I wasn't making a third trip back to the store for more red food coloring. Who's going to complain about someone bringing cupcakes to work? (That's what I told myself anyway.)

Baked the cupcakes. Frosted them Wednesday morning. Took them to work.

When things started to go terribly wrong with the cupcakes, food coloring and my freak-out moment, the only thing I thought was, "Oh good, I have a blog story."
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