How Dating is Like Cooking

How Dating is Like Cooking

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This seem to best show love and cooking. I think.

As a 20-something, single lady I pride myself on two things: one - I know how to cook; two - I know how to date. For clarification, I'm not saying that I'm that good at either, just that I generally know how to do both. 

It was about the same time when I started dating that I started caring about cooking. I've been doing them for both about 10 years now. Group dates, blind dates, homemade soup and chicken spaghetti, they are similar. How are they similar? Well...let's break down the similarities here.

You Don't Know What You Like Until You Try
You never really know what you like until you give things a shot. Example: cornbread. I use to look at cornbread like it was a punishment. Growing up my parents would always have a skillet of cornbread that I would avoid like the plague. One day (when I was starving) I gave it a shot and liked it. Now I like to make it.

The same thing with dating. I've like the bad guy, the nice guy, the funny guy, the smart guy, the hot guy with no brain, and the guy in uniform. Generally, I believe men in general are a great thing, but by dating them all, I know what combination works for me.

Trial and Error 
Every now and then you get a recipe that takes some tweaking before you can get it right. It's like baking. Add too much baking soda or vinegar and you will be starting over before the cupcakes are even out of the oven. Once you get it right ... you'll know.

That thought can also be applied to dating someone.  Sometimes you have to go on a couple of dates with someone to get the right chemistry going. Sometimes you have to know when to stop and find a new recipe (guy) to try. Again, once you get it right ... you'll know.

Anything Worth Anything Takes Time
Good, old fashioned homemade cooking takes time. If you're making homemade flour dumplings, or rolling out a homemade pie crust, it takes attention and time. It's not always easy, but it's worth it.

If you want something to last, you usually don't jump into a relationship with someone you don't know.  You've got to get to know someone, see if it works for you. And if it does, that always makes it worth it, too.

Shop for Quality, Not Quantity
There are some ingredients that you cannot skip on the quality of. Flour, butter, and canned tomatoes are things that I always pay the little extra for the better product. It can make all the difference in the world.

Same thing with men. If you know you're dating a bad guy, then it's like buying generic. It won't work. I doesn't give you the result you wanted and you end up throwing it out and having to go buy new.

So that's my breakdown. Sometimes you're going to like a recipe and sometimes you're going to break-up a guy because it's not the right chemistry. That's life my friends, that's life.
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