Living Life Young and Free

Living Life Young and Free

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10 days, five states and another year older. That's what happened on my vacation. After a really tough semester and busy work schedule, I needed a break to unwind, relax and get ready to start new projects at work and mentally prepare for the next semester of school.

It worked. After 10 days of having more fun than an individual should be allowed to have, I came back to 'life' refreshed and energized.

So what did I do during those 10 days? A little bit of everything.

I went to Portfest, a community festival right outside of Newport, AR. It was a blast to see so many of my old friends from high school and college.

This is how low the river was at Portfest - let's just say, all that sand shouldn't be seen normally.

After a weekend at Portfest, my mom and I hit the beach.

It was fantastic. Beach. Sun. Sand. Not too hot, cool breeze. I didn't read, or text, just sat and watched the ocean.

For my birthday night, my mom and I went to Emeril's restaurant in New Orleans. 

It was delicious. However, the only photo I have is from my birthday ice cream.

After a couple of days on the beach I went to Atlanta to see some friends. 

When I got to Atlanta Thursday night two of my friends had extra Sting tickets so Melissa and I
decided to go!

Melissa and I at Sting

On Saturday, Courtney had her baby shower. It was pretty, elegant and actually a fun one.

That's it. My 10 day vacation in a quick re-cap. 

I also need to point out that while in Atlanta I went to Curly's Friend Chicken. That will receive its own blog post soon...
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