Saturday Night Cook-Off: Who Can Fry the Best Deer Meat?

Saturday Night Cook-Off: Who Can Fry the Best Deer Meat?

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This is a post about a healthy sport called competition. This post is also about one of my favorite things which is eating. Competition and eating. It's all-American. Saturday night, after a day of actually waking up to go to the gym and shopping with friends, it was time for the cookout at Melody's house. Even though I really like cooking, I've never actually cooked during one of these cookouts. (Maybe they don't trust me?)

Whatever the case may be, Saturday night it was Julie vs. Chad on who could fry the best deer meat. Knowing Julie and Chad the only thing I wanted to do was to have a front row seat of this competition. 

This is Melody. We've been good friends for almost seven years now. 

She's having a baby by the way.

Before I had arrived, Julie made a blueberry cobbler for our dessert.

I couldn't understand why we couldn't start with dessert. 

The competition is on. 

Except for when Julie couldn't figure out why the burner wasn't working.

(hint, hint, it was turned on low instead of high)

Melody had to step-in to help figure out the problem.

This was Chad's deer meat. 

This was Julie's deer meat.

Chad in action. 

(Look at his mess!!)

Julie in action.

(Much cleaner!)

Because Melody wasn't sure if she liked deer meat or not,
Chad also grilled some chicken for Melody.

What goes better with fried deer meat than fried potatoes? 

It is the South and all.

A closer look at Chad's mess.
He said if you're making a mess then you're doing it right.

Tick, tock, tick, tock Chad.

Almost time to plate!

Marc got in from work just in time to eat! 

Marc is a funny guy. 

Fun Fact: I had never met Marc until I was at their wedding... and I was a bridesmaid.

Good choice, Melody. Good choice. 

Even the dogs are ready for us to eat.

End result. 

I will say that both Chad and Julie did a great job at cooking.
Julie also did a great job with the potatoes and fried okra, while Chad
made the green bean bundles. It was all delicious. 

And a great way to spend a Saturday night. 

(I did take a picture of the dessert, but I'm still playing with this new camera and I think I deleted it. Whoops!)

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