Atlanta, Birthday Cake and Oysters

Atlanta, Birthday Cake and Oysters

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Between working and school I'm really trying hard to also have a life. The last two semesters I've put life last and now I'm trying to incorporate it back in. Not very successfully, but here's to trying. In order to do that, I took a couple of days off last week and went to Atlanta to see some friends.

Maegan Clark, Lauren Kaplan, Melissa Johnson

Lauren and I seem to know how to take a picture, however, Melissa doesn't seem to understand that ou have to look at the camera.

Maegan Clark, Melissa Johnson

This feels typical. This also portrays our friendship well.

Hi ya pretty ladies!

These next two pictures are possibly two of my favorite pictures ever.

Each person is having a different moment in the picture.

And no one can seem to make a normal face.

Friday night we went out for Courtney's 43rd birthday. (She's not really 43 but she doesn't know that.)

Courtney Etling, Maegan Clark

Sparkles and love.

Lauren Kaplan, Maegan Clark, Melissa Johnson, Courtney Etling

Where them girls at?

To celebrate a birthday properly one must celebrate with cake.

And she did!

As did Dave...

Maegan Clark, Melissa Johnson

I really think when Melissa and I take a picture together it's the best picture for the both of us!

There's the love!

Saturday we went to Oysterfest where my phone was hijacked for a picture.

Lauren Kaplan, Maegan Clark, Melissa Johnson

But then we took our own picture. 

I'm on a mission to go buy sunglasses this week. 

One pair broke, one pair lost, and another pair may or may not be left in Africa somewhere. 
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