Small Town Saturday Night

Small Town Saturday Night

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What do friends do on a Saturday night in a small town in Arkansas? Well we have a crawfish boil, ya'll. I know it's lame, but between work and school lately I haven't had a lot of time to go home to visit my parents or friends. Luckily, they understand and don't hold it against me.

Saturday morning I got up (mid-morning, let's be honest) and headed to my hometown. After a day of getting my hair done, running errands and working on homework I needed a break and to see some old friends. Crawfish season is in so it was time for a boil..

Here are some of the little fellas that we went through.

This was actually after we all got some.

Fancy plates, huh?

Whoops. My Nike jacket is a little out of character for this party.

But there was a tractor involved. 

Happy Weekend. 
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