Running the Little Rock 10K as a NonRunner

Running the Little Rock 10K as a NonRunner

Last year Melissa, Allison and I all ran the Little Rock 10k... this year, we had the bright idea to do it again. Here's what I have realized, you forget about the pain that last year caused, instead, you remember the fun and excitement you felt doing something fun with friends and crossing the finish line.  Sadly this year Melissa couldn't make the race ... boo ... but Allison and I put on our running shoes and kept on anyway.

Friday night we got our race packets and decided that Saturday we needed to make sure we 'carb loaded' for those silly six miles. Do you really need to carb load for 6 miles? No. But is it a good reason to eat pasta? Yes.

Whatever excuse I need to actually eat real pasta I'll take.

Sunday morning it was 26 degrees when we got into the racing line. 26. The only place I want to see 26 right now is my drivers license, not the weather app. I've never run in that type of weather, but I did realize one thing. It's good to have pants on over your pants.

The pants over my pants saved me. Along with gloves, a head thing, and multiple layers.

This was where we were in the crowd. The race technically began at 8 a.m., but I don't think we crossed the starting line until around 8:20 a.m. It was a slow start but we ran the first three miles. By mile four I had lost my breath a bit because it was so cold and I wasn't focusing on my breathing as I should have been so my side was cramping a bit. I'm not usually a runner. 2-3 miles is usually my max, but apparently once a year I like to do run six like I know what I'm doing. I don't.

The best (WORST) part about the LR 10K is the bridge. Running up a bridge? Ridiculous. I made Allison slow down and we quickly (or not quickly) walked it. I'm in no competition, I just want to finish the race. Slow and steady still wins.
And we did finish! We got our (small) medals!

We also ran into Kelly who had it on her bucket list to run a 10K. She actually ran the entire thing, I'm proud of her!

Once we were done with the race we went to a small race party (just a party to celebrate other people running) and cheered on those marathon runners who decided to run 26.2 miles. 

I thought 6 miles was silly, they decided to add an additional 20 to theirs. As we cheered on the marathon runners we drank champagne and discussed that next year we just 'have' to do the half-marathon.

(No, I do not 'have' to do the half... or any other race for a while.) 

**This will be a fun game... It's 'Where is Maegan and Allison" in the picture ... Kind of like Where's Waldo but funner!

Let me know if you can find us!

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  1. Bridges really are the worst part of any race. Love the medal for this race!

    1. Haha! Thank you. Bridges really are terrible.


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