I Don't Know About You ... But I'm Definitely Older Than 22

I Don't Know About You ... But I'm Definitely Older Than 22

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As I sit (okay, lay in bed) and watch the Billboard Music Awards, I realize that Taylor Swift sings about feeling 22 and I am feeling older than 26. Maybe I should write my own lyrics?

I don't know about you, 
but I'm feeling 26, 
this weekend was so busy, 
even standing up makes me feel dizzy

I don't know about you, 
but I'm really tired, too, 
Even laying in bed, 
I'm too tired to be fed

Actually, I'll just stick to tweeting for a living.

This weekend was so crazy and busy, that I don't even know where to begin. Let's start with Friday night... When I got my smarty pants on.

Going to school and working on two degrees is completely time consuming, and a lot of work. Having to skip going out with friends or weekend trips because of school can suck, but being inducted into the honor program for my master's degree was kind of fun. Even though I think the honors thing is a little silly, it is fun to say I am an honor student.

Proof! I never know what you're suppose to do with these sort of things. I've never even framed a degree so I hope I don't end up losing this along the way. I also have a pin and a medal. Wonder if I wore it around if people would think I was being weird or funny? I'm going with weird. 

Maegan Clark

Of course my mom had to have a picture for her scrap book. So this was the picture. If you look, you'll see that my fingers look like alien fingers. I celebrated accordingly with champagne.

Maegan Clark

Friday night some friends and I hit up one of the Little Rock Film Festival parties on top of a bridge. How can you say no to a party on the bridge? I ran into some old friends and made some new ones.

The view from the bridge... Little Rock might be a bit blurry, but I had had a lot of champagne at that point.

Have no fear though, I also celebrated the night with a hot dog at the end. How can you say no to a hot dog? I'm a ketchup and mustard type of girl.

Maegan Clark

Saturday I was house/sitting and between working in the morning and night, I took an hour to play outside with Gumbo (dog above). Gumbo likes to play tackle, fetch and play tug-a-war. He loves to hug, knows how to dance and loves to have his head scratched. He's also a great cuddle buddy.

Maegan Clark

Now Saturday night I worked at an event we had at work. Though my job is social media, which includes a lot of tweeting, it also includes taking photos with animals. You know, in case I decide to be an animal herder one day.

Maegan Clark

This is Farley. He doesn't seem like he's be a good cuddle buddy like Gumbo. I'll stick to dog sitting and not llama sitting.

The event was absolutely beautiful. If you believe in a mission of an organization you should support it in anyway you can.

I also got to hang out with an old friend and a new one. We all wore white... we are snappy.

Maegan Clark

Sunday the fun didn't stop... I woke up early after a late night working to head to my hometown for my best friend's bridal shower. The wedding is less than a week away... no more carbs until June 16!

Or, maybe only a couple.

This is what I have done tonight once I got home. Sit. That's it. 

After a long weekend of work, fun and more fun, it's time to relax a bit before Monday begins. 
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