Yeehaw! My Best Friend Got Married Country Style!

Yeehaw! My Best Friend Got Married Country Style!

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Yeehaw! My best friend got married! 

Let's start with a quick background: When I was 15/16 this pretty blonde girl named Amanda moved to my hometown. She was the coach's daughter with a big family and a big smile. She also started dating one of my friends which was also the quarterback of the football team. She was on one side of the lunch table and I was on the other. It took us a little while but soon we became the best of friends. We've been friends ever since! Through relationships, college, life and everything else, she's been one of the best friends I've had. 

Then she met Peyton: I remember the weekend that Amanda met Peyton. I had been out of town and she went back to our hometown to hangout with friends. We hung out on a Sunday night when she started telling me all about him. At the time we both thought it would be a fling, but soon it showed to be much, much more. This girl was in love. After a year of dating and a year of engagement, the big day was finally here! 

Friday night we got together for the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner. She wanted an outdoor, country chic wedding that she pulled off beautifully! 

As a grade school teacher Amanda has NO problem taking control the crowd to get the job done. 

All the lovely bridesmaids ... I would like to think we were a small army. 

The Newport girls! 

Amanda was probably the easiest bride ever...for a girl who loves to always know what's going on! 

She gave us all a color scheme and said to go find a dress that you liked the best. 

This way, we could wear the dress again, and find one that looked good on all of us. 

Best. Bride. Ever. 

We all got to hang out together for the entire day of the wedding and get dressed. 

Makeup, hairspray and curling irons were all over the place. 

There were also a couple of Sonic runs in there in the middle. 

As the girls got ready, the boys set up the big event. Amanda had a view of an outdoor wedding on a summer night and that's exactly what she got. It was absolutely the best! 

On our way to the wedding! 

While we were standing around for pictures, we did a fun picture of our own. 

Three of lovely bridesmaids! Talk about a fun bunch. 

It was fun spending the weekend with everyone again. 

Ha! As many pictures as Amanda and I have taken together this was the first one all weekend! 

I knew she was a busy lady so I patiently waited for my turn! 

Most beautiful bride ever! 

Amanda's new daughter and nephew were the flower girl and ring bearer.

Cutest. Moment. Ever.

Look at that little boy in the cowboy hat? Couldn't your heart melt! And Amanda found her new daughter a dress that matched hers. Seriously. She thought of every detail. 

Amanda and Peyton said I do! They're married kids. 

A little bit of the entire event. Look at that dress! 

At the reception Jill and I finally took a decent picture. We had been doing a terrible job all weekend. 
I love this girl. We had a great time all weekend. We share such a similar sense of humor that she is so fun to hangout with! 

I would like to thank whoever made this cupcake. 

It was delicious. As was the second one. 

What a cute idea for the cakes! Happy Wedding Cake! 

I was able to grab Amanda's phone and snap a pic of us at the reception. 

Love you, Amanda! 

This is the first picture of Amanda's bridals from Meagan Garrison Photography. Can't wait to see the rest! 

Love you, Amanda and Peyton! I wish you two the best! 

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  1. Ok, seriously Maegan?! I just balled my eyes out! This is amazing! I love you with all my heart!!!


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