Taking it Easy: New Orleans Day 4

Taking it Easy: New Orleans Day 4

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Ah! Our last day in New Orleans was Monday, but I wanted to space it out on the blog a little bit. My friend Patrick saw my snapchats of New Orleans and messaged me that I should go to the Ole Coffee Pot. 

Because he knows his stuff, we went! 

This was my omelet. It was delicious.

After brunch, my travel companion had some work to do for a few hours so I took the afternoon to tour a little bit. 

I headed over to the French Market - which is a bit touristy. They have a food court area that looked like it had some great stuff. The shopping was a bit repetitive but it was fun to look around. 

Since there were a few hours to kill, I took a tour of the French Quarter the the Saint Louis Cemetery. 

It's the cemetery where Marie Laveau is! I had seen it when I was a kid, but it's fun to go back to re-hear the stories.

I'm also amazed at how they bury people in New Orleans. Just think those tombs have multiple people in them.

Ah! One of the MOST FUN THINGS we did was go to the Carousel Bar at the Hotel Monteleone. A couple was so nice to let us know when they were leaving so we could grab their seats. Getting a seat on the carousel can be really hard. It's fun to watch people just walk around and sort of stalk their prey to get a seat. 

A lady recommended the Pimm's Cup - a drink I had never had before - and it was delicious!

Also, it's so pretty! 

In case you're curious exactly what is in it - it's really nice. 

I wish we had a better picture, but it really was a fun afternoon. 

For dinner we went to Cochon. It's a new(ish) restaurant in New Orleans I believe and it did not disappoint. This was probably my favorite dinner place that we visited. 

This was their beet salad. I LOVE beets, so anytime I see a salad with them I always order it. 

I know this looks a little like brains (or that's what the BF called it) it was really good. 

For dinner I had the appetizer of the spicy ribs. And they aren't kidding, they were spicy! 

But they were addicting. It's eating something so good that's so hot and you can't stop but you need to at the exact same time. 

Tuesday morning we woke up really early and took FlyGLO back to Little Rock. It's the nonstop flight from Little Rock to New Orleans that just started last fall. 

Now it's back to work, only to think of the memories of how much fun the New Orleans weekend had been. 

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