Trunk Club Review

Trunk Club Review


Shopping is one of my favorite things to do - online, or in stores, but sometimes you just need a little help finding items you need for a trip, event or getting out of your clothing comfort zone. After a few attempts with StitchFix, I needed something a little more tailored and personalized for my lifestyle. 

 Then I heard about Trunk Club. Trunk Club, owned by Nordstrom, is a personalized clothing service that delivers clothing, accessories and shoes to your door with no initial costs. No signup fee like StitchFix, and no shipping fees. 

After you signup for free, you're assigned a personalized stylist. This is the best part to me - you have your own stylist who will chat with you via online messaging, phone call or email. Email worked best for me, she sent me an email with a ton of questions about sizing, style preferences, what I was looking for, where I worked, and etc. 

Each trunk you receive is based on your needs - and it's also only when you request. For May, I knew I was going to the beach in June and needed some new work tops for the hot Arkansas summer. 

Sharitty is my assigned stylist - and after I emailed her back with my style preferences, Pinterest board, and what I was looking for she sent me an online sample trunk to see if she and I were on the right page. You review your first trunk online and can accept or reject items to be delivered. She had chosen items that I already owned, so I was able to provide feedback with other things I was looking for or answer why I didn't like certain items. 
She sent me my online trunk on a Thursday and by the next Wednesday, I had my first trunk show up at my door! This felt like Christmas. I had NO Idea it was so big or SO many items would be included. 

I loved the detailing on this packaging of the trunk. It's massive!  

When you open the box everything is neatly packed and organized for you. There's a card at the top that welcomes you to your trunk. 

I mean, look how nice this looks! If you're like me and love to open presents, it feels like you just keep opening more and more presents. 

The card enclosed also lists the costs of each item included. 

I received three pairs of shoes - because I love new shoes. If you didn't want to receive shoes, you could simply tell your stylist not to include them. 

These were my FAVORITE three items of the trunk! The black sheath dress from Halogen, a pair of jeans from Paige and this fun, printed shirt from Halogen. Everything varies in price - and you can determine your budget with your stylist to keep things within a certain cost range. 

1. Halogen Contrast Piping Short Sleeve Sheath Dress 2. Caslon Sleeveless Romper 3. Free People 4. Madewell Embroidered Pull-On Shorts 5. Dolce Vita 'Havana' Wedge Sandal 6. Steve Madden 'Slithur' Sandal 7. Joie 'Laila' Two-Strap Jelly Slide Sandal 8. cupcakes and cashmere 'Kava' Jacquard Knit Cotton Tank 9. cupcakes and cashmere 'Jericho' Floral Print Ruffle Tank 10. Free People Front Tie Tank 11. Equipment 'Slim Signature' Silk Shirt 12. NYDJ Print Pleat Back Sleeveless Split Neck Blouse

And this was everything else included in my trunk. Some really great, spot on pieces, a couple of things I would have never picked, and pieces that just were not going to be me. But you will never know unless you try! 

I really love this service. You have 10 days to review and decide. After you pick what you want to keep, you can provide feedback online during the 'checkout' portion.

Will I do this again? Yes. 

Are there any cons? No. 

Are there any costs? You only pay for what you keep in your trunk. No fees to get the box or send it back! 

Differences between StitchFix and Trunk Club? StitchFix you have to pay $20 no matter what and can give someone ideas without ever really talking to them. Trunk Club is very personalized to what you need with no costs but the clothing. 

Signup to try it! Use my referral link here:  
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  1. WHAT... obsessed with this. Definitely going to try it out! Thanks for sharing!!
    xx, Lauren {}

  2. Okay...I might have to try this!! Love all of the options that you are sent and love that it's free!! Thanks for sharing!

    xo Ashley

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  5. What an awesome selection of stuff! I wish they had something like this here in Denmark.

  6. Wow, this is such a great idea! I'm going to try it ASAP!!

  7. I will have to try this out! It looks like something that would be right up my alley:)

  8. I've heard about this a couple times - I definitely have to try it!


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