St. Maarten/St. Martin: Orient Bay Beach & Temptation Restaurant

St. Maarten/St. Martin: Orient Bay Beach & Temptation Restaurant

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Happy Birthday to me! I am officially 30 and this was the view I woke up to. 

St. Maarten - St.Martin view


30 years old. 

No longer in my 20's. 

And you know what? It doesn't feel any differently. 

On our last, full day of our St. Maarten/St. Martin vacation we celebrated my birthday by going to Orient Bay Beach and having a nice dinner at Temptations restaurant. Orient Bay Beach is on the French side of the island and is one of the most developed beaches because there are so many restaurants and bars right on the beach. It's also pretty popular because there is a special 'nude' portion of the beach where you can run free in the skin God gave you. Though on the non-nude side, there are plenty of ladies going topless. Hey, it's a good way to avoid tan lans. 

Now... getting to Orient Beach was a little challenging. All of the signs driving to Orient Bay Beach let you know that you're headed the right way, but once you are there there are no signs saying which road leads you to the beach. A 30 min trip look a lot longer and might have lead to my first 30-year-old temper tantrum when I got upset because I was so frustrated. (Let's be real, I was also probably having a inner meltdown of turning 30.) 

ONCE we found the beach we found a little lunch stop called Bikini Beach. 

Bikini Beach Restaurant on Orient Bay Beach, St. Martin

Because I am a 30-year-old woman I decided to get the most mature lunch I could. 

Chicken nuggets and french fries.

 Bikini Beach Restaurant on Orient Bay Beach, St. Martin

Rich went a little more mature with duck. 

Bikini Beach Restaurant on Orient Bay Beach, St. Martin

After a delicious lunch, it was beach time! 

Orient Beach in St. Martin is BEAUTIFUL! 

Orient Bay Beach, St Maarten/St. Martin

It's probably one of the prettiest beaches we visited. Absolutely gorgeous. 

Orient Bay Beach, St Maarten/St. Martin

This is my, 'Hello, I am 30 and this is my life." photo. 

It was a great afternoon of literally this: 

Orient Bay Beach, St Maarten/St. Martin

Once we decided we needed to head back, we took a little detour to Guano Bay because I read online they have really pretty views... 

Guano Bay, St Maarten/St Martin

After we got back from our long day it was time to get ready and head to dinner. 

I had read about Temptation from SO many reviews. online Facebook travel groups and from friends who had been there. So when it came to the 30th birthday, I wanted to really enjoy it. Even Anthony Bourdain has endorsed it. 

Temptation Restaurant on St. Maarten

After a delicious dinner of spicy tuna, filet steak, and short rib we wobbled over to the local casino. 

I even ended up turning $1 into $10 on the digital roulette table - once I was up, I took my money and left. 

The next morning, when I was 30 years old and one day, we went back to Marigot on the French side for one last lunch at Sarafina's. I was craving a burger and I will say, theirs was REALLY good. 

Sarafina's in Marigot in St. Martin

Rich got a cappuccino which he said was really good... but I don't like coffee so I'll never know. 

Sarafina's in Marigot in St. Martin

After we packed our bags and loaded the car, it was time to say goodbye to St. Maarten. 

Renting House in St. Maarten/St. Martin

Hope to see you soon, St. Maarten/St. Martin! 

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  1. Ooooo I wish I went on a fab vaca like this for my 30th!! But I had a 5 month old at the time and the best gift anyone could have given me was a full-night's sleep! LOL! Loved seeing all that gorgeous food and glad you had a great time!


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