St. Maarten/St. Martin: Maho Beach, Little Bay Beach & Dinner at Karakter

St. Maarten/St. Martin: Maho Beach, Little Bay Beach & Dinner at Karakter

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Good morning from St. Maarten! 

Waking up Thursday day morning was a dream. You could see boats, planes coming in, and just so pretty. 

It was a late wake up from having such a long travel day Wednesday. After being a little lazy, we got up to hit Maho Beach. But first... (Because I become hangry when I don't eat) we had lunch at the popular tourist spot Sunset Beach Bar. 

It was actually a really cool place. 

You can watch planes fly in and take off while eating lunch... 

Which brings me to the food - I had their Cuban sandwich which the server recommended and IT WAS SO GOOD. 

Honestly wish I could have shared this first bite with everyone but it was too good to share. R had the Mahi Mahi sandwich and it was also very good (though I think mine was better.)

After lunch we sat and watched planes fly over and over us. 

After Maho Beach we went on a little adventure to Little Bay Beach. 

It's not far from where we are staying but it was up the hill around some corners until we came to a secluded part of the beach. When you arrive you can go to the tourist part of have an area to yourselves. We had the entire beach to ourselves for the most time - a few locals dropped in here and there.

The water was so pretty and the waves were perfect to jump around in - or have one take you out like it did me. I lost a good pony tail from that wave. 

After our beach trip we went back to the house to clean up and head to dinner at Karakter. It's a LOLO (locally owned locally operated) and was such a good place. I LOVED the vibe there - laid back, friendly and just a great atmosphere. 

The bar is made out of an old bus, and the entire scene is so easy and laid back. 

Dinner was a little bit of everything for me - tuna bruschetta, goat cheese salad, and fried plantains. All delicious and left me feeling happy and tired after a full day. 

From our table at dinner we could even see Simpson Bay where we are staying. After we found a local bar that had on the Golden State basketball game and watched and had a couple of drinks before calling it a night. All around great day in St. Maarten. 

Day 3 is coming up! 
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  1. What an amazing vacation! It is on my list of places to visit, thanks for the great review!


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