Forever But Not Always

Forever But Not Always

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"Darlin, forever is a long, long time, and time has a way of changing things."
- Big Mama, 'The Fox and the Hound"

The first time I watched The Fox and the Hound I was around eight-years-old and sitting on a couch at my parents house. I'll never forget crying while watching the movie and thinking how could time change people that much and why would two friends let each other go. Though it took about 16 years for me to be able to watch it again, I'll never forgot what Big Mama said, "Darling, forever is a long, long time, and time has a way of changing things."

Maybe I'm reading way too much into a Disney movie, or maybe it's the quote that hits home, either way, I completely understand it now. 

Forever doesn't always mean always. And time can drastically change everything. 

I've written before about how much my life has changed just in the past year. And  how in the past five years, I've graduated college, moved to Atlanta, broken up with a long time boyfriend, moved back to Arkansas, started a new career and finally found who I was looking for. Myself. 

Throughout that time, there have been friendships and relationships that have changed. Some have been created,  some have faded and some have remained steady and strong. I've also realized that at the end of the day, it's my life and I can the only person I have to answer to about the decisions I make is me. Now of course, I want to do well at my job, as a friend and a daughter, but I've learned that life really is what you make it. 

The friendships that have faded are the ones that I never expected to lose. The ones who I thought were going to be there for forever, have moved in different directions in life than I have. No one tells you growing up that your best friend might just become an acquaintance one day. 

I guess Big mama was right. Time has a way of changing things. It does. Sometimes for the better and sometimes just for the different.
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