How To Make & Save Money with Online Shopping

How To Make & Save Money with Online Shopping

I have a few talents in life ... ability to always be able to take a nap, expertise in making really good salsa, and a natural knack to save money while shopping.

And now, how to make money with online shopping is my new favorite talent. Let's be real, I am going to shop and spend money on things anyway. So if I am going to do it, why not make a little money back in the process. It's like a job. You're paying yourself by spending time doing something that you love. It's a psychological math formula that I have created for myself to justify spending.

So how do I make and save money by spending money? It's SO easy.

Making Money with Ebates 

For my online shopping (which is the majority of my shopping) I use Ebates. I've found this the easiest way to actually make money while shopping online. Once you sign up you can add the extension to your browser so when you visit online stores it shows how much percentage of cash back you will receive. 

When I shop at The Limited, I will receive 2% back of my purchase. I've seen some stores be as high as 15% cash back online. Another great part - almost all stores online use it! They are paying you to shop. Getting paid is simple, just add your PayPal account or they will send you a check!

Sign up with my link and you will automatically get $10 to your account! Click here

Saving a lot of money, with Honey 

Honey is my second favorite find because it can save you a lot of money with zero effort. 

How it works: When you visit a web page on your desktop it automatically aggregates discounts and promotions to save you money.

 Another win ... when you check out it pulls up and automatically tries the most recent codes to save you cash. All you have to do is click on, 'Try Codes!'

After it does all the work for you, it shows how much you saved! Signup here. 

Free Shipping with ShopRunner

Members of ShopRunner receive free, 2-day shipping on a lot of retailers. PLUS, free returns! 

My favorites are The Limited and Neiman Marcus Last Call which usually charge around $9 for shipping. ShopRunner does have a yearly fee, BUT, if you or a family member are an American Express credit card holder it's free! 

What do you use online to make and save money with online shopping? 

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  1. I've had a few friends who have done this but I haven't yet signed up for any of the cash back services. Ebates does sound enticing though.


    1. It's SO easy! If you shop online you should try it.

  2. My mom just signed up for ebates i believe. I love to shop online, so I will have to check it out.

  3. Great tips! I use eBates and Honey, but I hadn't heard of ShopRunner! Thanks for sharing!

    - Nicole @

    1. I buy a lot from the Limited and it saves me a TON on shipping!

  4. These are great! I love shop runner and ebates.


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